We are a group of parents, foster parents, retirees, caregivers, nurses
and geneologists who see a need for change in the lives of children,
especially those who've been abused or neglected.
We are here to make a difference.
Join us in our quest to build better lives for children in need.
Everyone can make a difference.

Staggering Statistics

  • Less than 50% of youth in the foster care system graduate from high school.
  • 30% of homeless and 25% of those incarcerated were once in foster care.
  • Over 20,000 kids emancipate or age out of the foster system every year – with no resources (no one to ask “How do I survive?”) and no money.
  • In any given year there are over 400,000 children in the system.  That means 400,000 kids were abused, neglected or living in filth and squalor – in America.

How We Help