Where to look for approved babysitters

You’re getting stressed and need a break,

but you don’t have a babysitter, let alone an “approved” sitter, so where do you look? What, you didn’t know you needed to have an approved sitter to watch your foster children? Well, yes. Talk to your social worker about your state and county’s regulations. Here in California, sitters need to be over 18 and background checked before they watch the little ones.

It’s the same rule that applies to anyone who lives in your home who is over 18 – background checked. It’s all for the safety and well being of the children. You aren’t able to use the neighbor’s 15-year-old daughter, despite the fact that she babysat your kids for the last two years and you’ve known her forever. She is considered a child herself, despite what she thinks.

So where do you find a babysitter who fits the bill? Here are some suggestions:

  • a local gym – ask the workers in the childcare area if they are interested
  • a local elementary school – the workers in the after-school program may be game
  • a college – the child development students who work in the on-campus preschool
  • your foster agency – ask the receptionist if they keep a list of approved sitters
  • other foster parents – get to know other foster parents and offer to take turns with the kids or ask for the name/ number of their babysitter, if they’ll share
  • friends – if you have friends who love kids, offer to pay for the Lifescan if they are interested
  • online – try sites such as http://www.care.com  and post an ad for a sitter including requirements

There you have it, a list of places to find babysitters over the age of 18 and “approved”. If they already work with kids, they should have been fingerprinted and background checked, but you can ask to be sure.

Have some other suggestions on where to find approved babysitters? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Thanks for reading and have a peaceful evening.