Fun summer activities to keep kids busy

Do you remember summers as a child? You probably were bored at some point during the summer, right? Like maybe by day three. I’m sure we all were bored at various times. Honestly, it’s okay to be a little bored and to have to come up with ideas on your own. It’s healthy.

But now you have children of your own and you are already dreading the “I’m soooo bored,” melodies coming from the mouths of babes, as per every summer ritual.

We know that you have lots of experiences to draw from and plenty of ideas, but it can be hard to remember them all when put on the spot by a whiny wee one. Well, we’ve got your back. Here is a list of fun summer activities for you and your family to enjoy. Read to the bottom for a longer, downloadable list to pin to your refrigerator. (I told you we had your back.)

1. Build sandcastles. If you don’t have a beach or bay you can drive to, bring the sand home. Many homebuilder businesses such as Home Depot or Lowes sell bags of sand.

2. Go swimming. Even if you don’t have a pool in your backyard lots of cities have community pools, or maybe your friends have a pool or visit a YMCA. Swimming is an excellent way for kids to get their daily exercise in with the added bonus of getting them plum tuckered out for a great nights sleep.

3. Paddleboarding. What, you haven’t been on a paddleboard yet? It’s awesome. Try it on a lake, lagoon or bay for beginners. It is a great work out, easy to learn, affordable, and perfect for a wide range of ages.

4. Photography. If you put a camera in a child’s hands they will be entertained for hours. Take them on a nature walk or hike and show them how to use extra features such as zoom (it’s fun to take a close up of a bug) and record mode. Bring another camera along and take pictures of your little ones taking pictures; they’ll love it and you’ll have memories saved.

5. Trampoline. If you have space in your backyard trampolines can be hours and days and weeks of fun. I do recommend you use one with a netting to keep your kids from becoming test pilots and flying off onto the not so soft outer reaches. No room for one, no problem. Trampoline parks are becoming all the rage right now and it is likely that there is one in your town or at least a nearby town.

Want more ideas to keep the kids busy or entertained this summer? Why not ask them? Hand them a piece of paper and have them make a list of things they would like to do. And…you could download our printable list of summer  activities here. Summer Fun Activities

Have other great summer fun ideas? Feel free to share in the comments and help spread happiness.